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12/22/2014 1:59:00 AM
 Criminal Gangs in El Salvador Return to War Path After Two-Year Truce : WASHINGTON — Two years ago, two of the most violent gangs in El Salvador -- Mara Salvatrucha 13 and Barrio 18 -- signed a truce. But as fighting between the two criminal groups has been on the rise in recent months, so has the death toll. Fears are starting to grow of a renewed gang war in one of Latin America's most dangerous countries.
Source: Vice of America  Date: 3/25/2014
 Two men sentenced in Dodge City racketeering case: Both were members of street gang: Two members of a Dodge City street gang were sentenced Monday in a federal racketeering case, U.S. Attorney Barry Grissom said. In his plea, Torres said he was a Diablos Viejos gang member associated with the Norteno street gang when he accompanied two co-defendants in an attack at the home of a member of the rival Sureno gang. On Oct. 4, 2008, Torres and two co-defendants gathered in a barn behind a house at 10770 Kettle Way near Dodge City, which was a hangout for the gang. Later that day, Torres and the two co-defendants drove to the home of Abel Hernandez, a known Sureno gang member, and Rumalda Hipolito. Outside the home, people were drinking beer. One of the Nortenos began harassing them and shouting Norteno slogans. After someone threw a beer bottle at the Nortenos’ car, Torres and the two co-defendants drove away.
Source: Topeka Capitol Journal  Date: 3/24/2014
 GRASP helps Denver youth stay out of gangs: Henry Gonzalez didn't really have a chance to avoid gangs while growing up. His brother introduced him to one in Glendale at a young age and he found himself on probation by age 12. His brother is in jail, serving a 10-year sentence, but Gonzalez found help. GRASP works with youth ages 14-21 and serves as a support group for those connected to gangs. They have group meetings Thursday nights at the Minoru Yasui Plaza building, 303 W. Colfax Ave. Meetings are peer-led and consist of roundtable discussions during which youth can talk about their struggles, goals for the week and hear from others going through some of the same things.
Source: Denver Post  Date: 3/20/2014
 G.R.E.A.T. program positive for students : This year fifth-grade classes in Rutherford County Schools (RCS) and at Lake Lure Classical Academy were introduced to the Gang Resistance Education and Training (G.R.E.A.T.) program. Sheriff Chris Francis decided to implement the program and said the response from parents, teachers and students has been positive.
Source: Daily Courier  Date: 3/18/2014
 Los Angeles gangbangers surface in Syria to join Assad forces in fighting: Two members of notorious Los Angeles street gangs have apparently made a global trek -- from the crowded streets of LA to the barren battlefields of Syria -- to fight alongside forces loyal to President Bashar Assad. The men -- who identify themselves on a 2-minute video clip as “Wino” from the Westside Armenian Power gang and “Creeper” of the Surenos, a group with apparent ties to the Mexican Mafia -- are seen in a war-torn, desolate area as they spot the “enemigos” a short distance away before firing in their direction.
Source: Fox News  Date: 3/3/2014
 Sinaloa cartel uses street gangs as U.S. franchises : Washington » Likely facing a long prison stretch, Joaquin "El Chapo" Guzman could consider writing one of those how-to-succeed-in-business books, the kind churned out by legendary American CEOs Lee Iacocca and Jack Welch. Franchising os efficient, cost effective » While other cartels often depended on their own operatives to market drugs, Sinaloa pioneered business alliances with regional and local criminal gangs, said a senior Drug Enforcement Administration official who spoke on condition of anonymity.
Source: Salt Lake Tribune  Date: 3/1/2014
 Salt Lake City FBI investigated Insane Clown Posse fans : The FBI’s controversial decision in 2011 to label passionate fans of the rap duo Insane Clown Posse as a violent gang sprouted from a 14-month investigation by Salt Lake City’s FBI field office. According to documents published Thursday by the public information website MuckRock.com, the Salt Lake City office supplied the bureau with information about the loyal fanbase of the Detroit-based duo, known as Juggalos. There’s no indication in the documents the FBI investigated the musicians themselves. The documents were released after MuckRock requested all public documentation the FBI had on Juggalos and the Insane Clown Posse, and its most prominent document was an investigative memo coming from the Salt Lake City field office.
Source: The Salt Lake Tribune  Date: 3/12/2013
 Despite mixed results, CeaseFire says ‘We’re making progress’ : Gang members were battling last year outside a liquor store on the Southeast Side, and CeaseFire — the anti-violence group with a new $1 million contract from the city — stepped into the fray. CeaseFire brokered an unusual peace treaty: One member of each gang would buy liquor for the whole group, eliminating the stream of rivals bumping into each other at the store at 63rd and Vernon in the Woodlawn neighborhood.
Source: Chicago Sun Times  Date: 3/12/2013
 Officials seek new approach in battle against organized crime : When the new gang unit was unveiled, its architects knew gangs were in a period of evolution where there were shades of gray of gang membership and gang involvement in crimes that weren’t necessarily gang-sanctioned. The evolution was part of a spread of gang-related activities beyond a core group of maybe several thousand bona-fide gang members. Those efforts could soon involve the kind of nuisance actions the District Attorney General’s office has used for the last decade on the owners of nightclubs, apartment complexes and other physical locations where there is constant criminal activity.
Source: Memphis Daily News  Date: 3/9/2013
 Sacramento clergy leaders seek tax funds to battle gangs: On Jan. 19, 2011, the 20-year-old Ellison was fatally shot in a Del Paso Heights drive-by. Two years later, his mother is joining Sacramento's clergy leaders in pleading for an end to such street violence. The clergy leaders, who comprise the nonprofit Sacramento Area Congregations Together, held the conference to begin their campaign for a portion of Measure U tax revenue to expand the local Ceasefire project.
Source: Sacramento Bee  Date: 3/9/2013
 Police urge parents to keep eye for kids' gang activity: The shooting at the downtown canal has sparked new concern about parents spotting the signs of gang activity.IMPD's Criminal Gang Unit is part of the shooting investigation. Lt. Chris Bailey wants parents to get downright nosey in the lives of their teens to keep them gang-free.
Source: WTHR13, Indianapolis, IN  Date: 3/29/2012
 Man who led violent N.O. gang faces life in prison: A man who pleaded guilty to leading a violent, drug-dealing New Orleans gang and participating in a 2005 murder is facing life in prison.Anderson also pleaded no contest last year to state manslaughter charges for a case in which he was accused of gunning down five teenagers in New Orleans. He maintained his innocence in that case, which prompted the governor to bring National Guard troops back to New Orleans to help curb violence in the wake of Hurricane Katrina.
Source: Fox 8, New Orleans, LA  Date: 3/29/2012
 BCSO: 400 inmates involved in gang fight .: Officers at the Bexar County Jail are paying close attention to 38 prison inmates after investigators say a fight broke out in the jail last Friday night. Police said a leader of the Mexican Mafia put a hit on the rival gang, "The Orejones."The sheriff says 400 inmates, who are confirmed members of the gangs, had to be separated
Source: KENS 5, San Antonio, TX  Date: 3/27/2012
 New grant funds gang prevention programs: Mayor Kevin Johnson announced Tuesday that Sacramento was awarded the CalGRIP (California Gang Reduction, Intervention and Prevention) grant of $250,000 from the state, which will help fund several programs for gang prevention.With more than 50 gangs in Sacramento and 5,000 kids involved in gangs, public safety continues to remain a top priority with a comprehensive gang initiative, Johnson said during his weekly press conference.
Source: Sacramento Press, Sacramento, CA  Date: 3/27/2012
 Men with Army ties held in drugs, murder plot : EL PASO, Texas — Two men with Army ties - including an active-duty sergeant - sought to work with a Mexican drug cartel in a murder-for-hire scheme in which they would kill rival gang members and recover stolen cocaine for $50,000 and drugs, according to a federal criminal complaint.Sgt. Samuel Walker, 28, and former Lt. Kevin Corley, 29, believed they were meeting with members of the Zetas drug cartel last weekend in Texas, according to the U.S. Department of Justice. Instead, they were dealing with undercover federal agents who arrested the men along with another man, Shavar Davis, on Saturday in Laredo. A third suspect, Corley's cousin Jerome Corley, was fatally shot during the arrests.
Source: Seattle Times, Seattle, WA  Date: 3/26/2012
 Gang arrests to break up 'family': A months-long investigation by federal and local authorities resulted in 12 arrests Friday and the seizure of cocaine and methamphetamineAt least five of the people arrested were members of the Must Be Criminal clique of the national Surenos XXIII gang, said U.S. Attorney Deborah Gilg. They are believed to be among the gang's leaders.
Source: Omaha World Hearald, Omaha. NE  Date: 3/24/2012
 Police: 29 gang-related shootings this year: A 19-year-old man was wounded in what Portland police are saying with the 29th gang-related shooting of the year.At this point last year, police had only recorded 16 gang-related shootings
Source: Portland Tribune, Portland. OR  Date: 3/23/2012
 9 Charged In Gang Rape Of 14-year-old: True Blood 22 Members Suspected : MINNEAPOLIS — Nine suspected gang members and associates were charged Friday in a sexual attack on a 14-year-old girl who was forced back inside an abandoned St. Paul house and raped after trying to leave a party last November, authorities said.The girl and her friend were picked up at school by one of the men and lured to a party with suspected members of the TB22, or True Blood 22, street gang, prosecutors said.
Source: Huffington Post  Date: 3/23/2012
 Gang Violence on Increase in Panola, MS: We're told most are gang related, marking an escalation of gang violence in the county. The most recent shootings sent bullets flying near Sardis three nights in a row. Gang violence seems to have increased in Panola County since the beginning of the year, with incidents in Batesville, Como, and now Sardis. Investigators tell me what’s most frustrating is the help they’re not getting from potential witnesses.
Source: WREG TV, Memphis, TN  Date: 3/14/2012
 Gang violence results in N.C. prison lockdowns: A wave of gang violence led to lockdowns at six North Carolina prisons earlier this year, officials confirmed Thursday, an unusually strong response that illustrates how serious the situation was. All but one of the prisons has returned to normal operations. Scotland Correctional Institution in Laurinburg, where the violence began, has been on lockdown off and on since January. It has recently eased restrictions and is transitioning to regular operations, according to the state Department of Public Safety.
Source: The News Observer  Date: 3/14/2012
 3 accused of threatening teen to make him join gang: SPARTANBURG, SC (FOX Carolina) - Three Spartanburg County teens were arrested Tuesday after deputies said they threatened a teen with violence if he did not join their gangAccording to Spartanburg County deputies, 18-year-old German Ramos, of Inman; 17-year-old Ivan Ramirez, of Spartanburg, and 17-year-old Francisco Villegas-Perez, threatened another teen with bodily harm if he did not join their gang, called 3VL or Tres Vatos Locos, which means three crazy guys. They said the threats happened at school, on the school bus and at the bus stop.
Source: Fox News, Greenville, SC  Date: 3/13/2012
 Police: Sioux City shooting was gang-related: A Sunday night shooting near Rebecca and West Sixth streets was gang-related, police said Monday. The shooter hasn't been found.
Source: Sioux City Journal, Sioux City, IA  Date: 3/12/2012
 Portland 20-year-old man wounded in 23rd gang-related shooting this year, police said: Portland police identified the man shot in North Portland last night as Jose Monroy, 20, and called the shooting gang-related.The shooting marked the 23rd gang-related shooting this year.
Source: The Oregonian  Date: 3/12/2012
 Local gang maintains power, influence in city: The Dayton View Hustlers, a street gang with a sophisticated organizational style that divides members into specialized shooters, robbers and street dealers, has weathered a coordinated four-year gang suppression campaign by law enforcementThe well established Hustlers are already into a third membership generation, said FBI Senior Resident Agent Tim Ferguson. The 100-member group holds influence in their namesake Dayton View neighborhood — a large section of the city extending west from the Great Miami River and bound by Salem Avenue and Wolf Creek.
Source: Dayton Daily News, Dayton, OH  Date: 3/9/2012
 Sears: Anti-gang bill is moving through Senate: BENNINGTON -- Legislation aimed at curbing what some lawmakers and law enforcement officials have labeled a growing gang problem has cleared a Senate panel and will be considered next week by the full chamber. The bill will beef up the state’s conspiracy laws and create a new gang task force, including $150,000 in new money from the general fund to help it operate, according to Bennington County Sen. Dick Sears, the Democratic chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee. It also creates a mobile enforcement team .
Source: Bennington Banner, Bennington, VT  Date: 3/6/2012
 Shooting outside Arizona club leaves 14 wounded: Hundreds of concert-goers waiting outside an Arizona nightclub for a hip-hop show fled in panic as The man in custody is one of three who opened fire at one another after they began arguing as a crowd of at least 250 people lined up at The Clubhouse Music Venue, Horn said. He was in a car that a patrol officer stopped just after the shooting.shooting erupted involving three gunmen, leaving at least 14 people wounded. Police arrested one suspect and were hunting two others.
Source: Boston Globe, Boston, MA  Date: 3/4/2012
 Gang unit officers learn how to work with other agencies to crack down on local gangs: This week, gang unit officers and nearly 50 others from the department met at the Omni Hotel Bayfront to learn more about cracking down on gangs with help from other agencies during the Coastal Bend Regional Gang Investigators conference.Officers learned about border violence, human trafficking, interrogation techniques, linking gangs with local bars, and more.That includes bringing code enforcement or animal control officers to the scene while serving warrants at the homes of suspected gang members or going to bars that known gang members frequent and bringing along Texas Alcohol Beverage Commission agents or fire marshals to get a hectic nightclub temporarily closed, Mersing said
Source: The Call.com, Corpus Christie, TX  Date: 3/4/2012
 Teachers look for new weapons against gangs: On Simon Boddie's first day as a police officer at Broughal Middle School, three students cornered a boy in a stairwell and beat him mercilessly.It was a hit ordered by a 12-year-old gang leader – and a sobering realization of what Boddie had gotten himself into.More than 50 teachers met at Broughal Saturday to tackle a gang problem that seems to get bigger and younger every year, they say. The half-day workshop organized by the Anti-Gang Education Coalition of Eastern Pennsylvania was billed as a first step in developing a uniform program that can be adopted by school districts across the state.
Source: The Morning Call. Lehigh, PA  Date: 3/3/2012
 Crime Commission: Court clerk a gang leader: CHICAGO— His name and face are in a book of known Chicago gang members but a clerk working for the Cook County court system says he's not in a gang.
Source: WSBT- TV, Chicago, IL  Date: 3/2/2012
 Coalition of grassroots groups will join Hands Across Harlem in a public effort to reduce gang and gun violence : A coalition of groups from across the city is formulating an ambitious program to combat gang and gun violence in Harlem.If organizers have their way, Uptown will host a never before seen event — Hands Across Harlem, a human chain stretching along 125th St. from Second Ave. to Broadway. Bill Henry, chairman of the New York Support Group for the Martin Luther King Jr. Center for Social Change and one of the event planners, said Hands Across Harlem is intended to “galvanize community activists to address the issue of violence in Harlem neighborhoods.
Source: NY Daily News, New York, NY  Date: 3/1/2012
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