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Our Association was created in 1999 when several law enforcement personnel understood that the Gang Culture had made it into our beautiful state. The goal of this Association is to expand the awareness of all types of Criminal Street Gangs to parents, teachers, other youths, and even law enforcement officers on key things to look for, in identifying if someone may be in a gang.

In many cases parents and other loved ones may not be involved with their children. This makes the child search for that compassion and affection that may be lacking in their life. A Gang will invite your child in and show them that respect and money will give them eternal life. However in most cases, this is what gets them killed or jailed.

When most individuals throughout the world think of Gangs, they think of the Black, White, Asian, and Hispanic Cultured Gangs.  However, this is where we help you understand, the true meaning of a Criminal Street Gang.

In Georgia, a Criminal Street Gang is defined as: any organization, association, or group of three or more persons associated in fact, whether formal or informal, which engages in criminal gang activity.

It is our pledge to the citizens of Georgia to help assist you and every Local, State, and Federal Agencies on the education and knowledge that our Association can offer. Please contact your Regional Vice President or local law enforcement agency to see what may be offered in your area.


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