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10/20/2014 12:19:36 AM

Don Mills Station P.O. Box 464
Don Mills, Ontario
M3C 2T2

Jim Aspiotis
Doug Minor
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Mission Statement


ONGIA is a non-profit organization that is committed to addressing the street gang phenomenon. ONGIA consists of law enforcement professionals and members of the criminal justice community throughout Ontario, Canada and North America.


Part of the ONGIA mandate is to provide gang related education and training. ONGIA establishes links within our community through partnerships to help combat gang activity in our neighbourhoods. ONGIA can help to answer your questions and concerns about gangs in our community and schools.

ONGIA: Committed to building strong communities

 ONGIA encourages its members to network with their community to better educate everyone about gang prevention, education and suppression. ONGIA is committed to educating youth, parents, school officials, social workers and the community on gang related issues. 

ONGIA membership is open to sworn members of law enforcement agencies at present. This includes but is not restricted to police officers, probation officers, corrections officers, immigration officers and customs officers. The Ontario Gang Investigators Association works countless volunteer hours to deliver and maintain their training on gang related issues.

ONGIA is an important part of a greater law enforcement network within North America. We would be remiss not to thank the East Coast Gang Investigators Association, MAGLOCLEN and the National Alliance of Gang Investigators Associations for their continued support and leadership. The assistance and expertise that they offer on the topic of criminal street gangs is unparalleled anywhere in the world.

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